Slides and Lecture Notes from Marek's 'Error Analysis' lecture series, recorded in 2014.

Lecture YouTube Video Lecture Notes
1. Probability Distributions View Online Download Slides
2. Random errors, Statistical estimators View Online Download Slides
3. Confidence Intervals I View Online Download Slides
4. Confidence Intervals II View Online Download Slides
5. Error bars, quoting numbers & errors View Online Download Slides
6. Error propogration, linear regression errors View Online Download Slides

Slides from Marek's 'P-values and statistical tests' lecture series from 2018, are available below.

Lecture Lecture Notes
1. Introduction: The null hypothesis, statistical test, p-values; Fisher’s test Download Slides
2. Contingency tables: chi-square test, G-test Download Slides
3. T-test: one- and two-sample, paired; variance comparison Download Slides
4. ANOVA: one- and two-way Download Slides
5. Non-parametric tests: Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon signed-rank, Kruskal-Wallis Download Slides
6. Non-parametric tests: Kolmogorov-Smirnov, permutation, bootstrap Download Slides
7. Statistical power: Effect size, power in t-test, power in ANOVA Download Slides
8. Multiple test corrections: Family-wise error rate, false discovery rate, Holm-Bonferroni limit, Benjamini-Hochberg limit, Storey method Download Slides
9. What's wrong with P-values? Download Slides

Training Module Slides/Examples

N.B. Example file downloads can be large

Module Course Date Slides Example files
Introduction to Linux 24th Jan 2019 Download Slides Download Example Files (.tar.gz archive)
The HPC Cluster 12th Feb 2019 Download Slides Download Example Files (.tar.gz archive)
Introduction to NGS 8th Mar 2019 Download Slides Download Example Files (.tar.gz archive)

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SysMIC SysMIC offers online training in maths and computing for the bioscience research community, including training in modelling with Matlab, statistical analysis with R and parameter fitting. Three modules are offered which each require around 5 hours of work per week for 6 months, and are charged at £1250. PhD students can apply for funding for SysMIC training through the Head of Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Carol MacKintosh SysMIC Homepage

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