About our courses

Bioinformatics and data analysis skills are now an essential requirement for the vast majority of experimentalists. We offer training in a wide variety of areas, targeted at post-graduate researchers, students and staff. Our courses are designed for researchers of all backgrounds who may be new to computational analysis.

The courses consist primarily of a series of half-day modules targeted at specific topics. These range from introductory modules on using command-line Linux, The School of Life Sciences HPC cluster, and R, through to specialised modules on RNA-Seq analysis, ChIP-Seq analysis etc. Various modules assume a degree of knowledge, consequently it is recommended to have completed any modules listed as being pre-requisites before enrolling for a particular course. Should you already have experience in the areas covered by these pre-requisite modules, please get in touch with us.

The series of module dependencies are illustrated in the diagram below. Full details on each module are available by clicking on the module in the figure.

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Training modules

Training Module Prerequsities Representation of DAG training modules and their prerequisites
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