Module Overview

Sequencing of RNA molecules allows investigation of various aspects of biology, including changes in gene expression, post-translational modifications and identification of novel transcripts. This module focusses on the most common usage of RNA-Seq: determination of differential gene expression. Amongst the topics covered are considerations in experimental design, sequencing strategy, assessment of RNA-Seq data, determination of differential expression and visualisation of results.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, participants will be able to:
  • Design reproducible RNA-Seq experiments
  • Understand the importance of replicates and sample variance
  • Determine differential gene expression from read alignments
  • Analyse RNA-Seq data using pseudo-alignment methods
  • Produce visualisations of RNA-Seq results

Prerequisite Modules/Knowledge

  • Introduction to Linux
  • The HPC Cluster
  • Introduction to NGS
  • Read Alignment
  • Introductory Statistics with R

Course Schedule

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