Drop in session

About our Drop-in Sessions

We run frequent Drop-in Sessions to provide opportunities to come and talk to us. Whether you have a small query regarding presentation of data, questions about running jobs on the cluster or problems with approaches to data analysis, then feel free to come and have a chat.

We would hope to be able to help with any questions on these topics. If you have a larger or more complex query it may be best handled in a separate meeting, but feel free to drop by - we may arrange to talk to you separately.

Online Drop-in Sessions

Drop-in sessions are currently taking place weekly via MS Teams, within the DAG Drop-In Session team. If you have a question for us, please request to join the team in advance of the session, and post in the general channel to let us know that you would like to talk to us. We will run a meeting during the session, and invite people to join in order.

Upcoming Drop-in Sessions